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By Margaret Paul


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MargaretUpon retirement from a 27 year teaching career, artistic pursuits took center stage. In 2001, a Donna Billick ceramic mosaic workshop at the Mendocino Art Center inspired me to create mosaics, which culminated in the completion of a public works project for the city of Fort Bragg with 30 community members participating. It´s been hard for me to imagine a surface that a mosaic wouldn´t improve, but now after many years I´ve been pulled in other creative directions and so was born Antique Sterling Creations.

My life-long love of antique sterling flatware patterns provided the motivation to begin hand-crafting spoon and fork handles into rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. With the invaluable instruction and guidance of Jima Abbott and Tara Turner at the Mendocino Art Center´s weekly Jewelry Open Studio, I learned the fundamentals of working with silver and LOVED the process. And since then I've built a metalworking studio where I lovingly create by hand all of my custom sterling silver rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets out of antique sterling flatware. When you view my rings and wonder how many you should buy, always keep in mind that you have ten fingers (and 10 Toes).

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